Amplus Consulting

IT Outsourcing

Value proposition
Our team of experts assist clients to critically analyze the benefit of outsourcing whole/ part of the IT operations and further assist in selection of appropriate technology and vendor(s)

Our approach
We assist our clients by assessing the business case for outsourcing whole or part of the IT function.

Some of the key aspects wherein we could value add are:

  • Conduct an overall feasibility review to assess the validity in the business case for outsourcing business
  • It is essential for the management to have a defined set of operational policies and controls that are required to be implemented and maintained by the outsource vendor. We conduct a Preparedness audit wherein we assess the readiness of the organization to effectively manage an external vendor for IT operations.
  • We conduct a detailed analysis of the technologies that are required to be adopted by the vendor(s) and also define the SLA parameters that are required to be obtain the desired service level from the vendor.
  • Define the detailed scope of work with clearly ear marked milestones
  • Define the project management policies and procedures
  • Define the MIS tracking sheets
  • Assist in the process of vendor selection through independent assessment of their services and benchmarking on defined selection grid.
  • Conduct vendor due diligence to assess credibility and client feedback
  • Review of the contract agreement to ensure that critical clauses have been duly incorporated