Amplus Consulting

IT Strategy

Value proposition
The IT set up of organizations have evolved with time and have become an integral part of the way of doing business for the entire organization. Our firm belief that has strengthened with our experience in the industry leads us to believe there is a definite need to plan the overall IT initiative, ideally while setting up the organization or during any stage of evolution/ maturity. Broadly, the key objective is to have a defined strategy in place that ensures the alignment of the IT set up to the business requirements and ensure that higher return on investment (quantitative and qualitative) is achieved.

Our approach to formulation of IT strategy

We have developed a robust methodology for this service line that has improved with experience. Our methodology defines the overall framework and delivery model which can be suitable adapted in part or in total to meet the business requirements of our clients.

Our primary focus is on understanding the expectations that stakeholders would have from the intended new application system IT enablement This is followed by an in-depth analysis of the organizations maturity and capability levels through a systematic ‘Capability Assessment Model’ which assists in defining the key challenges in the roadmap to fulfillment of achieving the wish list of stakeholders. Based on the analysis the normalized and phased business requirement list if defined.
The IT operational framework is designed keeping in mind the scalable requirements of business functions and the alignment to the business processes. In continuation to the overall IT framework the detailed IT network architecture and application architecture is defined in association with a defined implementation roadmap. Also, in order to manage the operational issues, the IT framework the IT policies, Information Security controls, ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ and Vendor SLA guidelines are defined.

We also conduct reviews of the existing IT strategy of our clients to identify areas of improvement to ensure higher utilization of the investments made on the IT set up.