Amplus Consulting

Revenue Assurance

Value proposition
Our team of experts assist clients to critically analyze the mission critical data against defined business logic to derive at logical conclusion of data integrity either during migration or post migration

Our approach

We follow a tool based approach wherein we assess the business requirements of the client and customize the data analytical scripts in alignment to business requirements. We follow the practice of conducting the data analytics on mirror image of the live/ production data so that the business operations are least impacted

Some of the key aspects wherein we could value add are:

  • Revenue Assurance in the telecom and banking sector to assess the continuity of data across process of billing while migrating between diverse platforms.
  • Ensure integrity of data during migration in instances of ERP upgrade or installation of new ERP.
  • Conduct data forensics on retrospective data evidence to identify possible fraud risk instances.
  • Building a business logic on legacy computing environment wherein the existing (legacy system) does not have required business logic. This ensures that specific aspects required for critical operations like financial reporting, specific MIS or sales trend analysis can be obtained without impacting the existing business logic in the ERP.