Amplus Consulting


The relationship between risk and performance improvement is an increasingly complex and central business challenge, with business performance directly connected to the recognition and effective management of risk.

Whether your focus is on business transformation or sustaining achievement, having the right advisors on your side can make all the difference. Our 50, professionals form one of the strongest advisory team of any professional organisation, delivering seasoned multi-disciplinary teams that work with our clients to deliver a powerful client experience.

We understand that to achieve your potential as an organization you require services that respond to your specific issues. So, we bring our broad sector experience and deep subject matter knowledge that help you build long-term value for your business. Our thrust on a sector focused approach is reflected in the way we are structured, giving us a distinctive ability to seamlessly implement tailored solutions and bring real insights into our clients’ business needs.
Above all, we are committed to measuring the gains and identifying where the strategy is delivering the value your business needs Its how Amplus makes a difference.