Amplus Consulting

Strategic Services

Today, every business constantly faces new opportunities and challenges. Our Specialist advisory services can help organizations evolve with this changing environment ...
... at each step in the organizational journey; from concept validation to strategy implementation; from operationalization to exit planning.

At every stage in the business life cycle, there are potential opportunities for further success which are often disguised as challenges. At such junctures, having an expert group of advisers who work closely with the client to unlock these opportunities is often invaluable.These services are grouped into two service lines for greater focus

Business strategy & Planning advisory:

  • Concept/Idea validation
  • Market study
  • Location advisory
  • Business plan Creation / Validation
  • Investment docket preparation
  • Feasibility study
  • Growth strategies
  • Investment strategy
  • Joint venture planning
  • Strategic alliance
  • Competition assessment
  • Exit strategy

  • Global sourcing advisory:

  • Business case development
  • Location selection
  • Operating model selection
  • Process profiling / cost-benefit analysis