Amplus Consulting

Technology & Security Risk Services

Rapid technological change is pushing companies ever further into uncharted territories. The opportunities are significant and so are the risks. Today, the health and viability of most businesses is heavily dependent on the strength and security of their information technology (IT) infrastructure.

As a result, IT has become a high-priority issue in executive suites and corporate boardrooms, driving top management to provide proactive sponsorship for efforts that will ensure adequate IT security and availability. And create an operating environment that effectively manages and mitigates risks.
We can help you focus on fundamental as well as emerging IT issues as you develop and execute plans to respond to stakeholder expectations. Our services are based on insights into how leading organizations prioritize their efforts to ensure that IT investments provide maximum security and risk mitigation in the most cost effective manner.

Our services are backed by extensive technical competencies, which include:

  • Assessing Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure and suggesting ways to close gaps.
  • Identifying key IT risks and offering solutions for mitigation.
  • Evaluating IT security, controls, availability and reliability.
  • Implementing program management to address risks across organizational boundaries