Amplus Consulting

Transaction Advisory

Due diligence

  • Acquisition of a business in India or overseas
  • Private equity investments
  • Listing in overseas or Indian markets
  • Project financing or pre-lending reviews

  • Post deal support

    The period following an acquisition or merger is an exciting time for a company. It can also be a very stressful period as the management seeks to deliver the promised synergies. The majority of failures in this area are due to poorly thought out, or incompletely executed integration plans - not flawed strategies. Our specialist team work with management to implement the transaction post-deal, accelerate the change and deliver the projected synergies.


    Valuation services are required for various reasons such as acquisition, investment, disposal, buyout, merger, restructuring, accounting, statutory / legal etc. The range of valuation services we provide broadly cover the following:

    Business Valuation

  • Acquisition
  • Assessment of Merger Swap Ratio
  • Valuation of business segments/divisions for spin off/restructuring
  • Share Purchase/Investment/Fund Raising
  • Fair valuation for statutory/regulatory purposes

  • Intangible Asset valuation

  • Brand valuation
  • Intellectual property valuation