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Transfer Pricing

Our integration of tax and economics in our transfer pricing capabilities enables us to develop and implement methodologies that are analytically sound, flexible and fully compliant with the transfer pricing regulations. Further, this approach also ensures a creative and dynamic tax planning process for our clients. Since the introduction of transfer pricing legislation in India, our International Tax Services team has assisted a number of multinational companies across a diverse range of industries to address their transfer pricing challenges.

Special features of transfer pricing in India

  • Every person who has undertaken an international transaction (between associated enterprises) shall maintain information and contemporaneous documentation as prescribed under the rules.
  • Every person who has entered into an international transaction during a previous year shall obtain an Accountant's Report and furnish such report on or before the filing of the income tax return.
  • Stringent Penalties have been prescribed for non-adherence to the proposed provisions

  • Specific Service Offerings in Transfer pricing
    Our specialist team is competent to offer assistance to your company in the following areas:

  • Local Documentation Studies (including arranging issuance of Accountants Report)
  • Global Multi-jurisdictional Documentation Studies
  • Planning Study (margins reviews for budgeting, new transaction planning)
  • Supply Chain Re-structuring
  • Assistance in representation for Assessments / Appeals
  • Assistance in Drafting Agreements from transfer pricing perspective
  • Structuring Cost Sharing Arrangements for domestic and international inter-company transactions
  • Intangible asset benchmarking
  • Diagnostic Reviews
  • Advisory / Retainership for Transfer pricing issues